Blur Brain Wins Zilla Award!

The Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere are out!

Best New Blogs: Blur Brain, Liberty Unyielding, ConMom, Call Me Stormy, and Batshit Crazy News

And, as if that weren’t enough!

Best Artists: The Looking Spoon, Political Clown Parade, Buffoon – Waznmentobe/Blur Brain, Big Fur Hat at iOTW, The Morlock Revolt, The People’s Cube, Diogenes’ Middle Finger, DaleToons, Bosch Fawstin

And, if you need a little more good news, we were highlighted above the fold on Twitchy today!

Looks like those bribes are finally getting into the right hands.  Good job Whoopie!

But could ya leave the soap alone?



  1. G8RFN

    WhooHoo….Yeah us and congrats to all from the swamp. Something really has to be done about alll the snakes down here. There is a new bounty out, maybe that will help.

  2. Geez Whoopie, couldn’t you at least pick the fancy little guest soaps that kinda LOOK like snacks? Some of em even smell like food!
    Anyway, congrats on your well deserved awards and on the Twitchy spot, I saw that today and thought it was damned cool.

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