Bereft of Ethical Standards, Senator Diane Feinstein, Husband Will Cash in from USPS Building Sales

Diane Feinstein

I feel as much revulsion from the sight of Senator Diane Feinstein as I do from President Barack Obama.   Her hands are particularly repulsive, clawing, grasping, gnarled hands, but manicured.

Her husband, Richard Blum, also a repulsive looking creature, is the CEO of a real estate firm CB Richard Ellis Group, and they were awarded an exclusive contract to sell off a number of USPS facilities coast to coast.  And Senator Feinstein is claiming ignorance of the deal.

From the La Jolla Light:

On Dec. 4, Citizens to Save the Berkeley Post Office led a march from Blum’s offices in San Francisco to that of Senator Feinstein, where they engaged briefly with a staff member about the proposed sale of the 1915 Berkeley post office.

“Our committee felt that we needed to talk to Feinstein because … we want her to do something to save the post office — and to do something would be contrary to what her husband was doing,” said retired letter carrier and Berkeley post office preservationist David Welsh. “If there’s a conflict of interest, what’s wrong with Dianne Feinstein saying, ‘We have to stop the sale of the Berkeley Post Office’? She’s not joined at the hip with her husband.”

Feinstein representative Brian Weiss told the La Jolla Light the senator has “no aware- ness” of her husband’s business dealings.

“His business and her public life are completely separate,” he said.

The San Francisco Bay area, with the repeated re-elections of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are setting themselves up for the karma of an earthquake of epic proportions.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  These people have it coming.  Perhaps, once the rubble is cleared the entire San Francisco Bay area can then be carpeted with windmills to provide electricity for the rest of the state.  That would be most fitting for these anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, hypocritical, sanctimonious, money grubbing snobs.


  1. Whoopie

    “His business and her public life are completely separate,” said a chorus of representatives for Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, John Conyers and Jesse Jackson Jr.

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