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    Obama Golfs While Ebola Czar Skips Meetings

    by  • 20 October, 2014 • Health, Politics • 4 Comments

    Obama golf shhh

    Inspiring confidence… President Barack Obama’s new Ebola czar Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows. Obama held the Ebola meeting after spending four hours and 40 minutes on the golf course at Fort Belvoir, according to the White...

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    Police Chief Accuses Secret Service Of Dirty Tricks

    by  • 20 October, 2014 • Crime • 0 Comments


    You have the right to remain silent and do as you’re told… The Chief of Police of Nashville Tennessee is accusing the Secret Service of abusing its power and then trying to cover it up by asking his officers to fake a warrant. Music City’s Police Chief Steve Anderson said when he complained to...

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    Who Has More Rights, A Muslim Or A Lesbian?

    by  • 20 October, 2014 • Culture • 1 Comment

    dyke lezzy

    Canuck conundrum… So a lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop, and asks for a “businessmen’s haircut”. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it really happened, and now a government agency called the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will hear her complaint. Faith McGregor is the lesbian who doesn’t like the girly...

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    Voter ID And Gun Laws

    by  • 20 October, 2014 • Guns, Patriotism, Politics • 1 Comment

    I voted

    Folks on the commonsense side of the issue often remark that you need an ID to buy a car, a cell phone, a house, an alcoholic beverage, a gun or for that matter apply for a host of social services like foodstamps and welfare. But the one item on the list that’s actually a...

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    Internet Trolls In UK Could Face 2 Years In Prison

    by  • 20 October, 2014 • Crime, Tech • 0 Comments

    Twitter Fear thumbnail

    The politics of polite discourse… London (AFP) – People found guilty of Internet “trolling” in Britain could be jailed for up to two years under government proposals outlined on Sunday, following a number of high-profile cases of abusive and threatening behaviour on Twitter. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “This...

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    Democrat Governor Deval Patrick Stacking The Deck

    by  • 19 October, 2014 • Politics • 4 Comments


    Typical Democrat shenanigans… As he prepares to leave office, Governor Deval Patrick is quietly transferring 500 of his managers into the state public employee union, a move that will qualify them for a series of 3 percent raises and insulate them from firing when the next governor takes over. All 500 of these public...

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    Scientist Stumbles Upon Rare Giant Spider

    by  • 19 October, 2014 • WTF • 1 Comment

    cute puppy

    A scientist got the surprise of his life when he stumbled across a puppy-sized spider. Piotr Naskrecki, an entomologist, said the sound of the Goliath birdeater walking resembled the clip-clopping of horse hooves. He spotted the beast on a trek in the Amazonian rainforest. ‘I could clearly hear its hard feet hitting the ground...

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    Reseacher Worries Ebola May Be Mutating

    by  • 19 October, 2014 • Health • 1 Comment

    ebola thumbs up

    Agents of change… Peter Jahrling, one of the country’s top scientists, has dedicated his life to studying some of the most dangerous viruses on the planet. Twenty-five years ago, he cut his teeth on Lassa hemorrhagic fever, hunting for Ebola’s viral cousin in Liberia. In 1989, he helped discover Reston, a new Ebola strain,...

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    Reminder: CDC Director Used To Be The NYC Food Cop

    by  • 19 October, 2014 • Health, Politics • 3 Comments

    Bloomberg Nazi

    In case you forgot, the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden — who has screwed up and screwed us royally in this Ebola crisis — was Mayor Bloomberg’s self-righteous, dictatorial Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene before he got this gig. Yeah, that’s right, he’s the large sugary soda, salt, trans-fat and smoking...

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    DNA Solves 40 Year Old Rape, Murder Case

    by  • 19 October, 2014 • Crime, Tech • 0 Comments


    In the spring of 1974, Mary Jayne Jones, 17, was raped, beaten, and shot at close range in the face and heart with a high-powered rifle. On April 9, 1974, her body was found, naked on a bed, in an isolated farmhouse near Blakesburg, Iowa. From the start, police had strong suspicions about who...

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