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    EPA Wants Kids To Stop Taking Baths

    by  • 19 April, 2015 • Health, Politics • 2 Comments

    dirty faced girl

    Plumb loco… Parents across America who struggle to keep their young rambunctious kids clean now have a new obstacle: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As part of its effort to help save the planet from the dangers of taking too many baths, the EPA’s WaterSense program is trying to convince kids they should...

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    Man Charged With Raping A Puppy

    by  • 19 April, 2015 • Crime, WTF • 0 Comments

    freddie james

    Going to the dogs… Freddie James, 79, of Orangeburg, South Carolina, has been accused of having sex with a puppy. He’s been arrested and charged in connection with the crime, WVUE reported. According to an incident report from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, officers responded to a home in Vance where an acquaintance of...

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    Veteran Rescues Flag From Protesters, Guess Who Got Arrested?

    by  • 19 April, 2015 • Communism, Crime, Military, Patriotism, Politics, Racism • 0 Comments


    Flag flap… An Air Force veteran and former Playboy model was arrested for taking an American flag from campus protesters who were trampling on it. Michelle Manhart, 38, was handcuffed by police at Valdosta State University, Georgia, and driven off in a patrol car after grabbing the Stars and Stripes and refusing to return...

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    Angry Woman Punches Another Woman To Death

    by  • 18 April, 2015 • Crime • 1 Comment

    Danielle Craker

    Fists of fury… By all accounts, it was a fatal fit of rage. And now a Pa. woman is facing homicide charges for allegedly beating a woman in the face so furiously and repeatedly that the woman died of her injuries. The Erie Times-News and the Associated Press report that Danielle J. Craker, 27,...

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    DiCaprio Took 6 Coast To Coast Flights In As Many Weeks

    by  • 18 April, 2015 • Celeb, Politics • 0 Comments


    Leonardo da craphole… He’s a high profile advocate of environmental causes, believes the world must act now to combat the effects of global climate change and is producing documentaries about endangered species. But accusations of hypocrisy have also dogged Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, with detractors accusing him of not practicing what he preaches....

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    Idiot Uses Mirror To Carve 666 In Forehead, Guess What?

    by  • 18 April, 2015 • Crime • 0 Comments


    Lacking reflection… It was meant to be the ultimate symbol of menace: carving ‘666’ into his forehead. But in a phenomenal case of idiocy, convicted murderer Nikko Jenkins used a mirror – so the numbers came out backwards. The symbol is described in the biblical book of Revelation as ‘the sign of the beast’,...

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