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    Congress Sees Obama Rollin’ And They Be Hatin’

    by  • 31 July, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments

    idiot obama (2)

    “My entire Presidency is just one big joke”… It is indeed “hatin’,” not “hating,” as both CNN and ABC note, and that’s deliberate. His strategy in answering the GOP’s lawsuit in the court of public opinion is cynical and brilliant: He’s going to laugh the whole thing off as highfalutin nonsense, something the average...

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    Global Warmists Stymied By Record Low Temps

    by  • 30 July, 2014 • Economy, Politics, Tech • 4 Comments

    Al Gore miffed

    They even scheduled their theatrics for July… DENVER — The Climate Reality Project brought its “I’m Too Hot” trucks and offers of free ice cream to this week’s Environmental Protection Agency hearings on power-plant emissions, but the climate wasn’t cooperating. The plan was to tout the EPA’s emissions proposal as a solution for hot...

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    Japanese Troops Storm Hawaiian Beach

    by  • 30 July, 2014 • Military • 0 Comments

    Sgt. Carter

    This not a repeat from December 1941… KANEOHE BAY, HAWAII — Japan has been practicing storming beaches with the U.S. and other countries in Hawaii this month. The amphibious landing exercises, which are relatively new to Japan’s military, come as Tokyo tries to boost its ability to defend small islands it controls but China...

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    Lois Lerner Emails Reveal Hatred Of Conservatives

    by  • 30 July, 2014 • Crime, Politics • 0 Comments

    Lois Lerner smug elitist bitch

    How many partisan lip slips equal a smidgen? (CNSNews.com) – A newly discovered email exchange from Lois Lerner’s official IRS email account “directly demonstrates Ms. Lerner’s deep animus towards conservatives, which she refers to as ‘—holes,’” House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dave Camp wrote in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on...

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    DHS Funding Injun Tribes To Fight Terrorism

    by  • 29 July, 2014 • Humor, Politics • 2 Comments


    Great half-white father’s wampum stash… You may have been worried that last year’s DHS anti-terrorism grant to St Paul’s island in Alaska, which is about 280 miles from that state’s mainland and 500 miles from Russia, was inadequate for the defense of that God-forsaken place (population 491). Fear not, the terrorism-fighting grant to St....

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    Japanese Schoolgirl Admits To Decapitating Classmate

    by  • 29 July, 2014 • Crime • 0 Comments

    miffed Japanese gal thumb

    Curiosity killed the cat… A 16-year-old Japanese schoolgirl has confessed to decapitating a classmate, police have said, as she reportedly told investigators she “wanted to dissect” someone. The teenager, whose name was not released as she is a minor, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of murdering her 15-year-old female classmate, after police discovered...

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    Justin Bieber’s Attempted Moustache

    by  • 29 July, 2014 • Celeb, Humor, Music • 0 Comments

    Bieber lip

    Awww, isn’t it just adorable? America’s Canadian popstar girlie boy is finally growing pubes. But I don’t think he’ll be making any commercials for Gillette razors anytime soon. Truthfully, I had a Greek girlfriend with a thicker moustache. I used to kid her that her unibrow slid down her face during the night. For...

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