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    Star Trek Actor Living In Fear Of His Wife

    by  • 25 November, 2014 • Celeb, Crime, Guns • 0 Comments


    “Star Trek: Voyager” actor Robert Picardo says his estranged wife is under investigation in a murder case, and he now believes his own life is in imminent danger. Picardo — who’s in the middle of an ugly divorce from Linda Pawlik — asked a judge to throw Pawlik off his property STAT, because he’s...

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    Occupy Activist Arrested For Red Paint Attack On NYC Police Commissioner

    by  • 25 November, 2014 • Crime • 0 Comments

    batman fail

    A one-time Occupy Wall Street protester faces charges of tossing red paint on NYPD Commissioner William Bratton during a protest against the Ferguson grand jury decision. Diego Ibanez, 26, is expected to appear in court Tuesday after his arrest for assault on a police officer, obstruction of government administration, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal...

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    Black Panthers Calling For Boycott Of Black Friday

    by  • 25 November, 2014 • Crime, Culture, Economy, Politics • 0 Comments


    McDonald’s and Popeye’s to be hardest hit… Momentum is building on social media to boycott the Black Friday sales in order to hit corporate America “where it hurts” over the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. The Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition is organising the ‘No Justice, No Profit’ boycott campaign on Thanksgiving...

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    Ferguson Grand Jury: No Indictiment

    by  • 24 November, 2014 • Crime • 0 Comments

    breaking news

    Let the riot begin… I’m sure over the coming days there will be endless analysis of the evidence secretly presented to the Grand Jury as well as the reaction by all those with a vested interest in manufacturing outrage in the black community, not only in Ferguson, but nationwide. I believe that regardless of...

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    Cops Seek Sicko Who Asked Women For Used Tampons

    by  • 24 November, 2014 • WTF • 2 Comments

    yuck woman thumbnail only

    Bloody hell… A man, who was described to look like a white, middle-aged man with grey hair, wearing a grey jumper and dark or grey pants, was asking female students (at Manchester University Campus) absurd questions regarding their tampons. According to Mirror, “The man is alleged to have ridden along the pavement on his...

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    Dumb Crooks Wind Up In Prison For Stealing Fake Money

    by  • 24 November, 2014 • Crime • 0 Comments


    Desperados… It could have been the perfect crime – two seasoned burglars saw that a householder had left a huge pile of £50 notes lying on a windowsill, and so they prepared to steal the loot with military precision. There was just one, fatal, flaw. The two bungling idiots, Michael Hogg, 33, and Andrew...

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