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    Are Cats Evolving Into Dogs?

    by  • 19 April, 2014 • Humor, Video • 0 Comments

    cat say what

    Just in time for Caturday, a video of a cat that responds to it’s owner returning home just like a dog would. The YouTube write-up admits that the owner had been away for 3 days but claims that the feline named “Moo” had ample food and water so we’re supposed to believe that the...

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    Muslim Convert ID’d As Kansas City Shooter

    by  • 18 April, 2014 • Crime, Guns • 0 Comments

    Mohammed Pedro Whitaker

    Another one of Obama’s sons… GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Police arrested a suspect Thursday in a string of random vehicle shootings on Kansas City-area highways over the past few weeks that have wounded three motorists and frightened many more. Mohammed Pedro Whitaker has been identified as the alleged Kansas City highway shooter and has been...

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    Obama Decides Not To Decide On Keystone Pipeline

    by  • 18 April, 2014 • Economy, Politics • 2 Comments

    Obama sly

    As I predicted back in February… The U.S. State Department will on Friday extend the government comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline, said sources familiar with the plans, likely postponing a final decision on the controversial project until after the November 4 midterm elections. Politico says: This postpones the decision until after the...

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    Burglar Sues Police For Shooting Him

    by  • 18 April, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 0 Comments

    James Rankin

    Cause that’s just how he rolls… A burglar filed a three-count federal lawsuit for being shot by police during a home invasion. James Rankin, 23, of Carnegie, Pa., is seeking $150,000 in damages for each of the three counts in the 2012 incident, according to The Dallas Post, which reported: Rankin is facing aggravated...

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    Could War Be A Blessing In Disguise?

    by  • 17 April, 2014 • Culture, Guns, Military, Tech • 1 Comment


    I mean real war, not the kind of ‘limited engagements’ we fight now that always seem to end in a negotiated cease fire where neither side surrenders and both sides declare victory. War is mass murder, and yet, in perhaps the greatest paradox in history, over the long run, it has made humanity safer...

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    Study: Babies Show Racial Consciousness

    by  • 17 April, 2014 • Culture, Politics • 0 Comments


    If people are born that way, can racism be anymore of a vice than homosexuality?… SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – According to a recent study, babies tend to play with others that look more like them. Researchers from the University of Washington noticed that babies were more willing to share their toys with others who...

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    NY Safe Act Creates 1 Million New Felons

    by  • 17 April, 2014 • Crime, Guns, Patriotism, Politics • 0 Comments

    Andrew Cuomo

    You passed your dumb law, now try and enforce it. We dare you… Albany, NY –(Ammoland.com)- Governor Cuomo awoke this morning to a massive problem, one million plus new felons, all armed with scary, high capacity, assault weapons! Yesterday was the deadline for New York residents to register their so called “Assault Weapons” and...

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