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    9 Gang Members Arrested In Kidnapping Plot

    by  • 23 April, 2014 • Crime • 0 Comments

    Kelvin Melton

    And this is why we need to bring back the hangman’s noose… CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — As the kidnappers pulled into a quiet, upscale golf course community, they thought they were about to abduct an assistant district attorney who sent a high-ranking gang member to prison for life, authorities said. But they had the...

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    Arrested Teen Had A Handgun In Her Hot Pocket

    by  • 22 April, 2014 • Crime, Guns, WTF • 0 Comments

    Dallas Archer

    Happiness is a warm gun, mama… APRIL 22–A 19-year-old Tennessee woman had a loaded handgun hidden in her vagina when she was brought into jail yesterday afternoon following a collar for driving with a suspended license, police report. As Dallas Archer was being booked into the Kingsport jail, a female corrections officer alerted to...

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    SCOTUS Upholds Ban On Affirmative Action

    by  • 22 April, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments


    Opponents claim banning racial preferences is unfair… Say what? The Supreme Court delivered another setback to affirmative action Tuesday, easing the way for states to bar public colleges from considering race in admissions and to prohibit officials from taking race into account in hiring and contracting. The decision upheld a constitutional amendment in Michigan,...

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    Earth Day Predictions From 1970

    by  • 22 April, 2014 • Culture, Humor, Tech • 1 Comment

    girl nerd

    The science is settled… Freedom Works has 13 of the most outrageous predictions made by the know-it-all Leftwing environmental cognoscenti on Earth Day 1970. Here are a few of my favorites: “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at least 100-200...

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    EPA Expands It’s Carbon Footprint To Celebrate Earth Day

    by  • 22 April, 2014 • Communism, Politics • 0 Comments


    Because the ruling elites are exempt from the rules they’d impose on us… EPA administrator Gina McCarthy will undertake a greenhouse gas laden week-long tour that will “far exceed” any benefit from her climate change proselytizing. McCarthy will be participating in “various events to…focus on responsible steps to cut carbon pollution to slow the...

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    Venezuelans Burn Castro, Maduro In Effigy For Easter

    by  • 21 April, 2014 • Communism, Economy, Politics • 1 Comment

    479 Nicolas Maduro

    Burn baby, burn… Some Venezuelans celebrated Easter yesterday by burning effigies of their “president” Nicolas Maduro. The burning, flogging, and exploding of effigies of Judas Iscariot on Easter is a tradition in some Latin American countries, where the feast of Christ’s resurrection is also known as “el dia de Judas.” As often happens with...

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