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    Poll: Americans Over Estimate Homosexual Population

    by  • 24 May, 2015 • Culture • 1 Comment

    bruno gay

    A large number of Americans are overestimating the size of the gay and lesbian population, believing that it stands at 24 per cent, when just four percent of people identify as LGBT. The findings, from a Gallup poll, were conducted amid a growing tide of support for same-sex marriage and legislation to protect the...

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    Is The All Volunteer Military Evolving Into A Warrior Caste?

    by  • 24 May, 2015 • Military, Politics • 0 Comments


    Unintended consequences… Multi-generational military families like the Graveses form the heart of the all-volunteer Army, which increasingly is drawing its ranks from the relatively small pool of Americans with historic family, cultural or geographic connections to military service. While the U.S. waged a war in Vietnam 50 years ago with 2.7 million men conscripted...

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    CNN Caught Fabricating “Leaked” Report

    by  • 23 May, 2015 • Celeb, Crime • 2 Comments

    clyde and Clint

    This latest leak, framed to provide sympathy to the Waco Police Department, claims that members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club are arming themselves with “grenades and C4 explosives” and are plotting to kill “high-ranking law enforcement officials and their families with car bombs.” The “leaked bulletin” lists possible targets in Waco, Austin, El Paso,...

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    NYC Teacher Accused Of Raping Student Wants Job Back

    by  • 23 May, 2015 • Crime • 0 Comments

    Claudia Tillery

    Dindu nuffin… A Brooklyn teacher who was arrested in 2011 on charges of drugging and raping a middle school student is demanding that the city let her keep her teaching job, according to a new lawsuit. Claudia Tillery, 45, argues in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that she was acquitted of all criminal...

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    DC Hostage Takers Burned 10-Year-Old Boy Alive

    by  • 23 May, 2015 • Crime • 2 Comments

    Philip Savopoulos

    Vile, subhuman animals… The CEO, wife and housekeeper who were found murdered in the family’s mansion a week ago died from blunt force trauma, while their 10-year-old son burned to death, it has emerged. Court documents released today have shed light on how 34-year-old murder suspect Daron Wint allegedly killed the Savopoulos family in...

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