Al Sharpton Vows A Season Of Protests

Reverend Al Sharpton has called for a ‘season of civil disobedience’ to protest decisions made by Donald Trump – especially the one to appoint Jeff Sessions attorney general.

Sharpton, 62, made his remarks during a conference call with other civil rights leaders and reporters ahead of a march in Washington this Saturday.

‘I think that clearly, one must always remember that civil disobedience not only shows the commitment, it changes policy,’ Sharpton said.

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No Rebberend Al, civil disobedience and noisy protests don’t change policy. But what they might do is trigger backlash and that’s your real goal, creating incidents that you can exploit to cry ‘racism’ and ‘oppression’.

And why would Sharpton want that, what’s to gain? Well, if you’re an aging race huckster has-been like Sharpton, it’s publicity the chance to pocket donations from gullible dupes or better still, a rich shyster with an agenda, like George Soros.

The Democrats are done, at least for the short term and they know it. But before their power fades away they wanna rake in as much loot as they can, just like Jill Stein did with her pointless recount effort.

By the way, Jill Stein had $2 million left over which she says she’ll use to create an organization dedicated to ensuring vote integrity. I’m sure Jill Stein will be the CEO and pay herself a couple hundred thousand dollars a year.

Let’s be honest, the Democrats always do best for themselves when they’re on the down and out, power wise.

Their ‘true believers’ are always most comfortable when they feel victimized, fighting the good fight, their backs to the wall facing insurmountable odds. It’s so… heroic, empowering, gratifying.

Guys like Sharpton play these simpletons like a fiddle. There are only two kinds of Democrat, weak minded fools and the ambitious manipulators who pull their strings.

One last point. I wish the media would stop call Sharpton ‘Reverend’. He’s no more a reverend than that chicken guy was a ‘Colonel’.


  1. Sembawangbolo

    “I wish the media would stop call Sharpton ‘Reverend’.”

    Amen (no pun intended). I think “Huckster Al”, or “Flim Flam”, or “da Scarecrow”, or “Al Charlatan” would be better choices.

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