A Generation Of Deluded Narcissists

This is a strong dose of hard truth and I defy anyone to deny it. Just look at the popularity of talentless talent shows like X Factor or American Idol. When they hold auditions thousands of untalented idiots show up, each one believing they can be the next big hit. Yet how many of those who go on to win actually make good? Oh they may get their “big break” and sign a recording contract but at best they’re one hit wonders who don’t even enjoy a full fifteen minutes of fame before fading into the obscurity they truly deserve.

Look at those with genuine talent. They spent their lives working at it and playing in seedy clubs to audiences of a dozen drunks before they finally got “discovered.” Even then it takes people with the connections and knowledge of how to groom the next potential Elvis or Tina Turner.

Nothing in life comes free but these kids, these wannabe stars think they can jump to the head of the line. They’re fooling themselves and that’s bad enough but there are social consequences to harboring such fantasies. Watch the video and see what I mean…

Read more about what the good doctor has to say and see if you don’t agree. How is it that so many think Obama is a great President? It’s not his ability as a leader or his policies, it’s because they recognize him not as a politician, but rather a celebrity, a showman who didn’t win an election to lead the nation, but rather a talent contest where he was judged the coolest and hippest dude around.

Sadly, I don’t see anything that’s going to change that mindset short of a major calamity that lays waste to the entire nation and leaves millions dead. Only then will the survivors, stripped of their pop culture crutch realize that they don’t have what it takes to make it in the real world.

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