Ever Wonder Just How Many Deaths Result from Medical ‘Care’?

There is a new website, Pharma Death Clock, that keeps tabs on the number of accidental deaths caused in the practice of medicine, and the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


Click here to view more.

One more reason taxpayers should not be subsidizing hospitals, doctors, and drug companies. It amounts to government subsidized killing.


  1. Whoopie

    Well let’s face it. People that have to take drugs and visit the doctor do so because they’re sick to begin with. That kinda predisposes them to die of something or another. What’s troubling is the number of deaths due to hospital errors, malnutrition and bedsores. No excuse for that.

    But yeah, gov. subsidies are never a good thing in any case.

  2. Betty Butter


    Doctors most certainly save lives, and nurses, too, for that matter, maybe even more, because they are there when a critical situation arises. However, I bet the ratio of lives saved to lives lost would be greatly reduced if doctors and hospitals weren’t so financially liberated to dispense drugs freely, and perform operations unnecessarily. No money, no drugs, no money, no operation. Hospitals that relied on charity and the free market would have to carefully decide what they could and couldn’t afford.

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