3 Great Cartoons About America Hater, Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has established himself as an America hater, a Muslim, and an ingrate. One thing he probably didn’t bargain for, and that we can add to the list, is that he will forever be the butt of jokes.

What he did when he refused to stand up for the national anthem, was also to show the world was his lack of maturity. His action then and in the future will also mar his career on and off the football field.

Colin Kaepernick also created for himself what I like to call a ‘no way out’ situation. because even if he apologizes one day, it won’t be enough to remove the labels and the stigma he has imposed on himself.

If he believes the actions of a few local cops are a reflection of an entire nation, then he has also proven to the world that he does not have the ability to see the big picture. And to show how truly great this country is, he is about to face well deserved ridicule from a myriad of people who may be tolerant of ethnic diversity, but they understand it’s their bound and duty to ostracize him, because this is nation of people who stand up to real evil,

He spat on a nation that allows him religious freedom, and yet, one must presume that he lauds, respects and admires the laws in strict Islamic states where non-Muslims are persecuted, tortured and murdered.

From the Federalist Papers:





  1. Sembawangbolo

    Not a peep that he is a moozlem. That explains much that he’s fine with spitting on America while he has no problem talking wheelbarrow loads of her money home with him. No one really cares about his asinine demands about mythical inequality and his lies about cops murdering people when there are thousands being murdered constantly by his ugly religion.

    I loved the news reports last night showing people taking his jersey and lighting it on fire while saluting and playing the national anthem. He may have freedom of speech, but he also has freedom to suffer the consequences of his claptrap. He has just done a self-inflicted pariah job on himself.

  2. Whoopie

    Trump suggested that if he can find a better country, he should move there. (gasp!) But I suspect wherever that country might be, they don’t have an NFL team. So in the end this Krapperneck person will choose to endure all the racial oppression in exchange for his fat paycheck.

  3. Alan

    None of my money is in his paycheck. Maybe there is something wrong with me but watching a bunch of dudes in tight pants running around playing with there balls has never appealed to me.

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